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What is Eatopine?

EatOpine, a social platform for reviewing menu items instead of restaurants

The app serves as a platform for food lovers to review dishes, meals, and entrees at a multitude of restaurants. Users take a photo of their meal and write reviews on the meal item. Dishes and restaurant ratings are taken from a culmination of user reviews and ratings.


Take a picture of the dish


Taste it and give a rate


Well done! Your rating is on our community and you'll help other users to find their best dishes!

"Our mission is to help everybody to have the best possible meal."

EatOpine change the way to evaluate restaurants

Using the dish photos we give a more accurate and genuine evaluation of the restaurant.

We Love Food

We love eating good and genuine food. Our mission is to help people choose the best restaurant where to eat their favourite dishes.


We're a community of foodies. You can follow other users to see their photos and favourite restaurants!


Pure & Simple

With only three steps you can rate a dish. Snap, Rate, Share.
It's simple :)
It's Eatopine

Only photos

Restaurant evaluation is the average of dish ratings. A dish can be rated only with a photo. That's why we guarantee true reviews

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EatOpine is Available for iOS. The App is compatible with iPhone and iPad


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