Ladies Plate

Jennie’s Mexican Restaurant - San Antonio , USA 4


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" A hole in the wall, but are they not always!!! The salsa was amazing, the chips were something that I have never tasted, they were so crisp. I ordered the Ladies Special, which came with one enchilada, a crispy taco, and rice and beans with a side of salad, and guacamole. My husband had the Carne Guisada plate. Amazing!!! The tortillas were homemade. I can tell you when I went to eat my Chrispy taco, I thought it would be soggy. No! It was amazing!! The best taco Ever!! And with that said... the meat was so flavorful. Of all the Mexican places I have been too, I was assuming to add salt and salsa. Nope not this place. This is a place that tasted like my moms food. A must try!!!! I even made a point to talk to the chef, and he gave me ideas. A must try!!! "

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foodpalooza rated the dish Ladies Plate with the vote of 5 chef hats. Ladies Plate is a dish made by Jennie’s Mexican Restaurant, a restaurant located in San Antonio .