EatOpine, a social platform for reviewing menu items instead of restaurants

The app serves as a platform for food lovers to review dishes, meals, and entrees at a multitude of restaurants. Users take a photo of their meal and write reviews on the meal item. Dishes and restaurant ratings are taken from a culmination of user reviews and ratings.

Raising the bar for typical restaurant review apps, EatOpine lets users review menu items instead of the restaurant or establishment itself. Since restaurants are based on individual menu items, the team at EatOpine, foresaw a niche in the app community that needed to be filled.

"While restaurant recommendations are easy to come by, there hasn't been a tool which allows people to discover actual dishes and cuisines." said Luca Coppola, co-founder of EatOpine. "Now we have given foodies a chance to try rate entrees and dishes, providing them a platform to acknowledge each particular dish."

EatOpine launched in August 2017 and is available in the iTunes app store.


Traveling around the world to make new culinary experiences has always been Luca and Sebastian’s passion. Their purpose was to discover the typical dishes of each place they visited, helped by the opinion of other foodies.

However, there wasn't a tool that could help them in their researches.

Back to Miami, they funded Eatopine LLC, with the idea to create an app that could advise users about the best dishes around them and, at the same time, giving the possibility of rating that particular food.

We believe that sharing gastronomic experiences not only helps foodies to make amazing dining discoveries, but it will benefit also restaurant that can improve their recipes.

We put a lot of emphasis to make sure that foodies are provided with the best food inspired by their surroundings.

Our mission is to help everybody to have the best possible meal.